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Help with etx90ra

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I am hoping that someone can help get my etx90ra drive going again. I bought mine secondhand several years ago and don't have the manual. The drive has recently stopped working and it is quite likely that the batteries have died, but where are they? There is no obvious battery compartment. Have tried an internet search and searched the Meade site but could not find a user manual.

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I think this is the same scope.

Heres the link to it too. Also, there should be a plug socket on the scope to accept another power source (i.e. power tank etc)  rather than use batteries, which appear to be on the underside of your scope below where it fixes onto you tripod.



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If it is the one with manual knobs to adjust the RA and Dec the battery compartment is underneath the unit. THere should be 3 AA batteries in it. Meade seem to have removed the manual, it came under the title: ETX 90 Telescope and Spotting scope. Image is poor but I have the manual in pdf form if wanted. Do not think I can attach it, suspect too big. I have a habit of saving/collecting manuals I have to read. The good site that had a collection of the historic scope manuals disappeared when someone left the university and someone else cleaned out the "old" stuff. Lots of good information went that day.

Rats, the image did not appear with the post. As said if you want the pdf then send me an email address I can attach it to.



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Thanks everyone for the help, especially Ronin for the pdf manual. Will save that for future reference.

I am surprised how long the batteries have lasted, although I must admit the etx has had little use recently. I now have an observatory with SW ED80 on an EQ6 and can use the etx outside whilst doing an imaging run on the ed80.

Regards, Graham


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Actually the pdf should not really be there. I attached it, waited, waited, waited and hit the cancel button. Decided that it would take too long and/or was too big.

The original post appeared without the small extra text I had also added and as expected no attached pdf, so I editted and added the text again, similar anyway, and hit save (= No attachment made).

When the editted post was displayed the pdf was attached. I have no idea why or how, and I do not think it should have been in reality.

If it is the full pdf then fine, no problems. If it is a partial then I have the full one and can send that.

I have the pdf as someone I know has one of the RA's, so it is useful to keep for reference.

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