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ASI120MC-S Planetary Settings

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I’ve finally took the plunge and upgraded from my webcam to a ZWO ASI120MC-S. I’ve had a good trawl looking for settings to to get me started, but would appreciate it if anyone had settings which had worked for them, that they would be willing to share. I’m using SharpCap and imaging the moon and planets with a SkyMax 150.

Many thanks :)

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It's just a balancing act to get the frames per second as high as possible, keeping the gain as low as possible. High gain = noise but more frames and better shutter speed to freeze moments of good seeing... Trial and error but use the histogram and aim for 70℅ ish .

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And use the default settings for gamma, etc., and capture in RAW8 (never found that RAW16 any better) and SER.  If you have a USB 3 port then you should be able to get some very high frame rates. With the gain start off with the default 50 setting and only alter it to help with the focussing -for both Moon and planets though you only really have Uranus and Neptune to look at until Jupiter comes into view.  But in the end everything depends on the seeing conditions. 

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