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  1. I used the Celestron Firmware manager to update my mount and hand controller yesterday. So reentering all the necessary data last night. However, reading the manual it seems to imply that there is a separate PEC chip. So would that be unaffected by the updates?
  2. Many thanks also for this post. Boot error last night, updated this morning. What a palaver! But one question. How much information is retained? Lat, Long, time zone, last update maybe, PEC? no doubt I will find out but perhaps someone can enlighten me before then.
  3. Hi Louise - just to say that I got a mini USB 2 hub which made life much easier using the mouse. Last night got 20 exposures of M109 of 180 secs each with virtually perfect guiding according to PHD2 and pretty well perfectly round stars. Just got to learn a bit more about processing! Many thanks for your help. Colin
  4. Yes - did the guiding assistant followed by the backlash which is when it came up with not worth bothering with. But that was when I think I had a reasonable calibration. Since then not been able to get that which is when I started to get the endless clearing backlash. Unfortunately since I may have to rotate the guide camera most times to get a guide star I will need to redo calibrations more often. Thanks Colin
  5. I have had two apparently different results. First, when using the guiding assistant and with what seemed a reasonable though not perfect calibration said that no correction was needed for backlash. The second was when I tried to redo a calibration after redoing the polar alignment when it seemed to get 'stuck' on clearing backlash. I had actually done backlash adjustments in the mount prior to all of this which didn't seem to make much difference to the performance - backlash was cleared to use PHD. The scope is permanently setup in an observatory, so not quite sure how I would check backl
  6. Hi Louise Don't think the weight of the tube is a problem. PEC also good though not using it with PHD. Backlash when I did use the PHD guide assistant was allegedly not worth worrying about and is disabled on the mount. Went into the Ascom diagnostic and selected the Celestron Telescope driver though not sure whether that makes any difference as there didn't seem to be any save option. I shall find out when I next go out Cheers Colin
  7. Hi Louise - I wasn't able to change the screen brightness since I had never had to use the touchpad before and it doesn't operate the way other laptops had. Now sorted with that. Yes - have read around and see that the exposure probably needs to be much less than I had set. I am using a Celestron Off-Axis guider and the ZWO ASI120MM camera. Have previously set up the focus so I know where it should be. Also need to familiarise myself with the Celestron Telescope Driver and make sure it is set up with the Ascom platform properly. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks again Louise. Will look into using a hub. Unfortunately last night was a failure after a few hiccups caused star and object on either side of the meridian, and getting used to the touchpad. Then all I got when trying to use PHD2 on looping was a very white screen. Slightly baffled at the moment. Any thoughts?
  9. One unfortunate consequence is that I lose the use of the mouse as I only have 3 usb ports and one of them is normally taken up with the wireless mouse. Have to use the touchpad which I do not like. Ah well.
  10. Many thanks Louise. Just downloaded the Celestron driver (interesting read) - have latest versions of rest. One day programmers will realise that user instructions for idiots are very important and really do help the user - I speak as a programmer/systems analyst of nearly 60 years! If it remains clear tonight maybe I will get some actual guiding done.
  11. Hi Louise - Have the laptop to hand controller connection but there is no Celestron Telescope Driver (Ascom). There is the one I mentioned and Generic Hub (ascom) and ASI ST4 Telescope Driver (Ascom)
  12. Thanks Louise. So Camera is ZWO ASI and Mount is ZWO USBST4 (ASCOM)?
  13. I have managed to autoguide with this setup, but have problems with PHD2 since polar aligning - it did need it. And am now getting rather confused over the actual profile settings choices. ZWO are still saying to select ZWO ASI camera, then On Mount, but there are other options ZWO related and suggestions elsewhere that with the AVX mount you should connect the PC to the hand controller, or was it the hand controller to the mount, I forget!
  14. I have a G3 Starshoot camera which I have managed to use successfully, despite the rather buggy software. Just over a year ago I was in contact with their tech dept about the software problems and they were going to do a rewrite for win64. Contacted them a couple of weeks ago and the guy there suggested I use the latest G4 sofware version which I have done. And yes, they have obviously done some work on this and the end results didn't need any further editing. Still probably has a few bugs - the pixel squaring didn't work, but I think that may now be done automatically. Looking online
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