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QSI683 - anyone seen this behaviour before?


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Sry for the rambling start.. not posted for a while.. wasn't a great start to the year TBH & just got worse.. got disillusioned... mojo went awol & mothballed the obsy end of Feb... anyway there's nothing quite like a good bit of self initiated Occupational Therapy to kick start the 'ol mojo again & it got recommissioned soon as decent astro darkness returned end of August. So, all's been well (apart from the clouds) until ACP reported a failure in my dusk skyflats script yesterday. Then the focus routine failed and boom.. seems the old (not) QSI is shooting blanks all of a sudden! At first I wondered if it was stuck on the Ha filter, but I can hear it changing.. then I thought maybe the shutter had locked but I can see some out of focus stars (I think) in the (ACP) platesolve attempt I captured.. (then it clouded & I gave up). Today I've had a good look at the usual suspects, usb, power etc.. (I have new short USB cables, external 12v regulated powered industrial hubs on the mount.. I dont use USB power from the 'puter.. etc etc). I also restored the obsy 'puter to a system image from when I know it was fine but... as the 5 sec subs in Maxim & double checked with Nebulosity show... nada... kaput. Has anyone out there had anything like this before? I'm suspecting the QSI has an issue. I was gonna try flashing the firmware in case it got corrupt but the only available images on their website are well out of date (6.x.x) compared to the version I'm already running (7.x.x). :( Not good as I bought it around this time last year.. hopefully under 12 months (I need to search for my first light posts). Any ideas welcome in case I've missed something.. wood for the trees etc.... Sigh.. this has been a funny 'ol year..

All subs below should have Pixinsights STF applied at max.. interesting thing is I would have expected loads of noise & bad pixels to show up even if the shutter were stuck?


So this is last nights 10 second platesolve sub through Luminance.. obviously the very few stars that seem to show are out of focus but proves (to me) shutter is working... suspiciously like a Ha image though.. but I hear filter wheel moving.



Today's 5 second luminance sub with the roof open in daylight - in Maxim



Same 5 second sub done in Nebulosity3...




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On 21/09/2016 at 21:25, Uranium235 said:

Looks too clean for a raw image thats been stretched... there should be at least some noise/vignetting/whatever. Its almost like the blackpoint has been clipped to death.

:) .. clean. You could eat yer dinner off the bias & flat I sent to QSI.. both look the same to me. I went through everything again double checking & checked with IKI before contacting QSI & they responded pretty quick I have to say. Just waiting to hear back on next steps.

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