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C8 Edge HD 0.7 reducer spacing


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I've been following a few threads around the web re difficulties achieving the 105mm spacing with off axis guider fitted.

I've found a simple elegant way of managing it so thought I'd share .

Using a Baader SCT clickloc , ovl oag and a revelation M48 2" 20mm extender gives almost exactly 50mm to DSLR t ring ...

Costly but not if you're already using a Clickloc :happy11:

The M48 2" eyepiece fitment that comes with the ovl oag has a step of about 1.0 mm which is where the revelation extender comes in.

This arrangement gives 50mm (possibly 50.2 allowing for dodgy tape measure) from front of reducer to DSLR fitting .

Hope this helps if anyone is struggling.




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