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Eyepiece advice on C9.25

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Greetings everybody.

I am contemplating the purchase of a Celestron C9.25 OTA (on an EQ6) for visual use on planets etc.

I realise that a Newtonian reflector would be much cheaper but I prefer the compactness and ease of use of the C9.25.


I am not planning to do any astrophotography.


I understand that a William Optics 2" Dielectric Diagonal may be a useful addition.

Alternatively, should I just stick with the supplied diagonal?


Lastly and most importantly, which eyepieces (say 3) should I start with for a SCT?


I have heard Baader Hyperion and Williams eyepieces mentioned favourably.


Any help will be gratefully received.


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The William Optics 2" diagonal is excellent quality. The same image quality can be had with the Revelation diagonal at a much lower cost. I'd choose that and spend the cash on better eyepieces.

Important for a C9.25 is a 10mm eyepiece. This gives a nice x235 for planets. My choice was the Vixen NLV - now replaced with the SLV. Excellent image quality with 20mm eye relief.

For deep sky something like a 38mm or 26mm PanaView would work nicely with a C9.25 and 2" diagonal. Having a f10 focal length means it's not too demanding on eyepieces.

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I have the WO 2" diagonal for mine connected via a Baader click lock.  The choice EPs for use with my 9.25 SCT are a 40mm Celestron Omni, an amazing bargain and a 14mm Explore Scientific 82'. I do have a 10mm Baader Hyperion but it needs remarkable seeing conditions to use to its potential.  That said, it provides great views of the Moon.

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I have recently purchased the 9.25 Evolution, and following the advice given by Tring Astronomy, I can say I am very pleased with the following:

Standard supplied diagonal

25mm and 9mm Celestron X-Cel eyepieces

Latest purchase (this week) 18mm and 7mm X-Cel eyepieces, and variable filter as the moon is so bright it made my eye hurt.

Hope this helps


ps      Best add-on by a mile was StarSense. I can set it up whilst still sitting indoors with a glass of wine

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