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CMOS sensors


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1 hour ago, jambouk said:

I'm interested to know why modern CMOS sensors are not employed by manufacturers of long-exposure cameras, such as Atik? 

As those are still relatively new on the market. And in some cases the deals for sensors are occasional - either one time or constant unexpected source of sensors may show up and you can make a batch of cameras. Making ASI1600 from a mono variant of a DSLR sensor isn't something you will find in a catalogue. Also those companies aren't used to release a new camera every half a year or acknowledge that 1-2 years old camera-sensor becomes pretty much obsolete if a better sensor comes out within the same or lower price point. New Atik 314L+ can still sell easily, while like CCD based planetary cameras of the shelf are pointless to buy, and even IMX174 based cameras can be questionable purchase today (while being like super hot year ago).

SBIG was so Kodak oriented that they made a "planetary" camera based on some old and bad Kodak chip (which also wasn't cheap) - SBIG ST-i. Atik made Titan but it wasn't a planetary camera but yet another 16 bit Atik DS camera with a Sony CCD, that was pretty much obsolete for planetary imaging already at launch. Making quickly evolving CMOS based camera lineup for such companies is something they aren't familiar with, an may be even against their DNA forged through all those years. There is more liability for those companies as they have established reputation and don't really want to release a risky new product.

With time something will change though.

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