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I have come across some posts saying "look at my picture I have added more data".

Forgive me for being daft but are they just adding to the light files done on a previous night and then running them all through DSS or similar or do the combine the processed images together. Sure I have read where people add different iso files together to enhance the finished results.

If they are just adding more light's how good is DSS on alignment. Do you have to be very close to the original position? Can you add say 30 lights at iso 1600 and 30 at iso 800 within DSS?



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As you say, "more data" usually means more lights captured and then stacked with the previous data. It can also sometimes mean that another filter colour has been added if a mono cam was being used.

DSS can cope fine aligning data from different sessions and will also stack pre and post meridian flip images. You don't want your different images to be too far out though or you will get some stacking effects due to a large misalignment. You would tend to add the different nights data into different groups (bottom of the DSS main screen) rather than just put it all in one main group. Data from different nights is fine but why would you have different ISO data? For a given target I would have thought all would be the same ISO. You may use different ISO to capture dark and light parts of a target but then you would need to stack these as separate stacks and then use different layers to combine them in the final image.

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