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Solar Flat Field


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Hi guys,

I tried solar imaging today for the first time using a Solarmax II 60 Doublestacked scope and a Skyris ccd camera.

Unfortunately I got lots of dust shadows on the images so tried unsuccessfully to create a flat field file. I tried both a white cloth and a white piece of paper but the blocking filters on the scope will only let through sunlight.

Have any of you come across this problem or any ideas to create a flat file? 

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I made this one for my Lunt LS50THa. It's a wood frame with a translucent carrier bag attached with double sided tape. I note the histogram level to expose the solar detail, add the flat cover, increase the exposure until the histogram is about the same, and then use Firecapture 'Flat Field' check box to take flats and apply them during capture. Seems to work fairly well for me.


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