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OK, so I have just got this serial and am attempting to put it together...does this look right, shouldn't all the elements be isolated?? The non green connector is aluminium.this is the serial....http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3el-144MHz-LFA-Yagi-0-67m-boom-Super-Quiet-LFA-Yagi-allow-you-hear-more-/291804427347?hash=item43f0e63453


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6 hours ago, Carl Reade said:

They are in the right order but I didn't think the driven element made contact with the boom. Any yagi designs I've seen the loop had to be insulated?

That's what I thought, but. The loop material is a different diameter and the 2 clamps fit. I might wrap some insulating tape around the loop under the clamp.

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Hi Martin, I'm glad that you got it sorted. It's not always the case that the elements are insulated from the boom. This is an Innovantenna's product, and I found that I had to ask for the assembly instructions as they should have been emailed, and even then they didn't quite match what I had. However, the company is extremely responsive to emails; I even had a response on a Sunday. Now that you've acquired the instructions I guess that you've found that out!


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