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Stellariumscope target moves randomly


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Been trying to fond something on this for the past week.

AVX mount, Starsense, Windows 10

When I start STELLARIUMSCOPE, follow setup, to the letter - including starting STELLARIUM first, the target marker keeps moving seeming randomly.

Have double checked date/time and location on the controller, and that it matches the setting in TELLURIUM.

Done th usual reboots etc. etc.

Has anyone any other ideas? 


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15 minutes ago, Cornelius Varley said:

Do you need Stellariumscope ? Stellarium has it's own mount drivers so you should be able to control the mount directly from Stellarium. 


I've shut everything down.

Gone in to stellatium plug ins, add, tellurium through serial, start

Closed the Windows - same movement of target.

Stellariumnscope was working before :( 

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23 minutes ago, iapa said:

Good question

When I started this lark, I found plenty of info recommending StellariumScope and Stellarium. I've not actually looked further - if it ain't broke.....

Stellariumscope was designed as a method for Stellarium and mount control software (Eqmod etc) to communicate with each other. Stellarium has it's own built in drivers so doesn't need third party software to control the mount.

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