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I've just seen the FLO/Evolution special offer of 2 extra items, oh the temptation !
For ease of portability I think I should settle for Evo8 although aperture fever would suggest Evo9.29

So, can you guide me through these dilemmas ! :-

In either case they both come with 10mm and 40mm EPs. Should I take advantage of the FLO/Celestron offer to

 1) get upgraded 10 & 40, or 'make do' for some time with those and use the offer to get
 2) something less than 10 and one between 20&30
 3) one between 20&30 + a barlow
 4) less than 10 + barlow

I think that less than 10 is the less good idea, because of the long focal length and/or a 20to30 would be covered by the existing 10 + a barlow.

And then - I do like the idea of the Ultimas with their  T-adaptor for a camera, is this for eyepiece projection? , , or is it just for afocal use ?

Decisions , decisions, so many questions, so little time !

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I have an Evo8 and rarely use my expensive Televue 8mm Delos EP unless under truly dark skies.  In my light polluted back yard the "Seeing"  conditions necessary to support its (254x) magnification or higher are as rare as rocking horse poo. My 12mm TV Delos hence gets most solar system/ planetary use. What I probably get most joy from are my EP's in the range 25mm, 32mm and 40mm which I use for DSO, notably clusters. The supplied 40mm is pretty good. So I would seek a 12mm and 25mm within the offer.

But what I have recently discovered is astrophotography, but not in the conventional sense. Looking at (say) planets on my laptop PC  via my Nextimage Burst camera often shows much greater detail than I ever see via an EP. But maybe this is just my poor eyesight!

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1 hour ago, noah4x4 said:

 via my Nextimage Burst camera .  / But maybe this is just my poor eyesight!

Thanks for all your thoughts, very useful, I am lucky that I dont have light pollution (very dark site just outside my front door - streetlights miles away!)  but I am on the wet side of the country so seeing anything at all is often a problem !

Interesting about the camera, good point, my eyes are not as good/young as they used to be so perhaps I should be setting money aside for that, ,  or waiting till C. do a bundle :)


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