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Virtuoso Mount

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Hi. I have a skywatcher 90mm Maksutov on a heritage virtuoso mount. I am trying to connect it to stellarium.

I have a :-

1 Model: rs232_cable_skywatcher_celestron-4
"Serial cable for Skywatcher and Celestron mounts" and  a usb serial adapter. The adapter is a prolific PL2303HX rev D
2 I also have an eqdirect cable which is supposed to do the job.

using the first cable and setting stellarium up directly doent seem to work. the setup works and it tells me my scope is connected. but it doent drive the scope.

Using the eqdirect cable with Stellarium, Stellariumscope, Ascom PLatform 6.2 and an eqascom driver, stellariumscope will not connect.
My PC is running on windows 10.
Can anybody shed light on this for me.
Am I doing something wrong or what.


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Option 2 won't work because eqascom/eqdir will only work with a Synscan eq mount, not your alt az Virtuoso mount. Stellarium should be able to drive the Virtuoso mount if it is connected through a Synscan handset or through a bluetooth module http://www.365astronomy.com/Bluetooth-Interface-for-Skywatcher-Autotracking-and-Merlin.html 

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