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manual required

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Prinz was a brand name of optical equipment (including telescopes and cameras) imported from Japan and retailed in the UK by Dixons, at one time a major chain of High Street electrical shops. Other companies such as Bushnell and Tasco in the USA were doing the same and sourcing them from the same Japanese manufacturers, so if you don't find the specific Prinz catalogue, you should be able to find something very similar.

Robert Provin from California put up a great collection of vintage telescope catalogues on the Web when he was an academic. Since he retired earlier this year, the site wasn't continued by his university.... :crybaby2:

But the good news is it has been reborn in a new and improved format thanks to popular demand :hello2: and can now be found at: http://wiki.telescopeclassics.com/index.php/Main_Page

Keith - in the case of your telescope, have a look at http://wiki.telescopeclassics.com/index.php/File:Tasco_1970s_11TE-5_300_Power_Reflector_Telescope_Manual.pdf

Click the large photo to download the complete catalogue in PDF. I think it's similar enough to give you a good idea of the Prinz.

Some of these vintage telescopes, by the way, are very good. Don't know about the reflectors, but the refractors often had first rate optics made by companies like Towa - and relative to modern prices, some were quite expensive! Just hope your mirrors are in good condition :icon_biggrin:.


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Hi, I have the manual for a Prinz 660, should be very similar if not the same, PM your email address and I'll send you photos/pdf of the manual.

EDIT: Just reread your post, yours is a reflector, Prinz 660 is a refractor. Sorry.


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