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Focus in Maxim


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I recently started using Maxim and though I do have the components for auto-focus, I am not quite ready to jump into that pool.  I use a B-mask and take great pains to make sure the spike is precisely centered.  I would like to also use FWHM values, but the only way I know how to do that is save the image, open it in my processing software (PI) and use a tool to get the FWHM values--but that takes time. That's what I do to center the spike--but I normally only need to do it for 5-6 exposures.  For FWHM values I envision the process will be more finicky as the values are represented with 2-3 decimal place accuracy.  I would like to be able to set the exposure to continuous and keep taking 1 sec subs and change focus and be able to watch as the FWHM values change.  That way I would be able to pass what would be the bottom of a V curve and know that I have best focus.  That's not as easy to do with the spike centering.  I know how to do continuous exposures for focus purposes--but where can I see FWHM values for a given image (or star?) without having to save and reopen the image?





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