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EQMOD-ASCOM Stops Working


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EQMOD works fine on my computer on its own, as does my DSLR with EOS Utility but when switching on the DSLR / EOS Uitility at the same time EQMOD stops working with a timeout-connection message.

I have successfully been using this set-up for the past two years on an i7 laptop + Windows 7, connecting via separate USB 3.0 ports using HiTech Astro EQDIRECT cable from FLO.  The problem outlined then suddenly started for no apparent at the start of May.  I have renewed and / or updated all relevant drivers and programmes at first with no success but then after plugging in an unrelated storage disc to the DSLR port last week the set-up seemed to work again - until last night when the problem returned.

To summarize: both EQMOD and the DSLR camera work fine on their own but there now seems to be conflict when turned on together.

I recently  added a wireless gamepad onto another separate USB port and bundled the various cables which work OK and can't see how this would interfere with the connections.

After nearly two months I'm now clutching at straws but would appreciate any thoughts anybody might have.

Thanks, Graham



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Don't know if this will help, but I had exactly the same problem once.

My issue was a tiny break in the insulation on my dslr mains adapter.

Didn't always timeout, it just depended on the movement of all of my cabling array.

Are you mains on your camera?

Might be worth checking the insulation on all adapters to rule it out.

I thought it was something up with laptop at first.





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Many thanks Neil, I do use mains and will check it out - what do you mean by insulation though + did you get a new adapter or could you fix it ?

That's just the sort of thing I would not have considered.

Regards, Graham 

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Somewhat late in the day (daughter's wedding + holidays etc) I have only recently got back to this problem and BINGO.  

After three months it seems that a new power adapter has it sorted.  I cannot see any break in the cable, though I am aware it gets pulled about when slewing, and have only used it once for imaging (+ tested indoors) but with the new adapter the problem seems to have stopped.

Many thanks Neil, you have well and truly saved my bacon, I was getting desperate for a while.

Regards, Graham   

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