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Well, that's just typical!

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My new Baader ortho has been sitting patiently in my case since it dropped through my letter box a couple of weeks back. Finally got a nice clear night and picked out Jupiter as early as possible. I have to say, the Baader ortho on Jupiter looked incredible. I suppose it's thanks to good seeing as well, but even at x120 the amount of detail was amazing, all belts nicely visible and crisp in the eyepiece. I would definitely recommend one. So I came back in for a while and waited for it to get a bit darker and couldn't wait for the GRS transit to start. Coming back out later to find my neighbours deciding to have not just one, but two bonfires in their garden, directly underneath Jupiter, it's been a complete turbulent washout! So gutted!

So now I am back in the house waiting for Saturn to hit the gap in the trees, away from the heat haze. On the plus side I finally got goodish views of Mars, being able to pick out one of the poles and some of the dusky, dark areas around the face of the planet.

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Neighbours Eh!

About 20 years ago I had just finished painting my fences with a solvent based preservative. It was Christmas Eve so taking time in the cold to dry. My neighbour unknown to me started a bonfire to burn rubbish right next to the fence about 7 in the evening. No matter what I did I could not get his attention, when I realised what he had done. The flames were going up past the eves of my house. The fire was only 5 foot from the fence.  I banged in his door without any answer. So whilst I was getting out a hose my wife called the police. They called the fire brigade. It was quickly extinguished, but they spent about half an hour trying to get an answer. He was fined £150 I found out later. The idiot had gotten tired and gone to bed! If it had not been for my wife's sister going into the kitchen for a cup of tea and seeing the light through the blinds we might have lost the house. 

Be glad it was only the loss of Jupiter.... 


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This dope, who was in charge of the public-school system in my old town, was a real "winner!" He would never speak with us after he moved in. And was happy to call the police on us for playing any music - regardless of low-volume. He would never answer our calls or corrospondence either. He could throw parties until 4:00am and blast his music up at us. He was 'special!'

One sunny afternoon, Mr. Genius decided he didn't like all the leaves on the ground. And he lived totally surrounded by a forest. So he went strolling into the forest, with a can of petrol! And - you can guess what he did next. Yup! He lit the forest on fire! Then he walked back into his house and stayed there. Until my call brought in the fire-department. Then he came outside. And told the fire-people to get off his property. That the fire in the forest was all fine & dandy!

Fortunately they didn't leave his property. They put the forest-fire Mr. Genius had set out. And read him the riot-act! With the police standing by as well. I told him if he tried this again - his house would be what would burn down next.

Mr. Genius stayed in his house after that. I am quite sure he believed me to be right. I pitied the kids in the town - having that sap in charge of their educations.

Morons and fire don't mix,


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