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ImPPG software. Can it be used for RGB images?

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Hi there,

I just tried this software but then realised it only works on Greyscale, So the RGB image is opened in Grey. Is there a way of using this software to process One shot colour images (I use a DSLR). I mainly use Photoshop so was attracted by the deconvolution function, which doesn't exist in PS as far as I can see. 


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Filip replied to my pm and is happy for me to share it with the forum.

' ImPPG won't process RGB directly, but you can use it anyway to process the channels separately.  Most graphics editors can split an RGB image into channels (e.g. in GIMP it's under menu Colors/Components/Decompose...). After saving as separate files and processing in ImPPG, they can be combined into RGB again.

If this is too cumbersome, I believe AstraImage software also has a tunable Lucy-Richardson deconvolution function.'

Following this, I did try splitting the channels, deconvoluting each separately and putting them back together and it worked well, apart from the fact that my blue stars became yellow, and my yellow blue! LOL.


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