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Walking on the Moon

Asi ccd

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I have ASI178MM Cooled and it works. It all depends what you want it for, as those CMOS based cameras work differently than DS cameras with CCDs when it comes to DS imaging. For planetary imaging the cooling part isn't essential.

You can check for example astrobin for images taken with those cameras.

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As mentioned previously they are CMOS devices not CCD, slightly different technology and action.

Also, mainly for being sure, the cooled ones are fairly recent and so there will not be that great a number of people who have used one. The majority are uncooled and as these have been around for some time you may be getting replies that pertain to the uncooled items.

Are you looking at specific cooled models or is the presumption that all are cooled, which they are not? The original post sort of implies that you may think all models are cooled, but they are not.

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I have, or have had four  ASI cameras: the ASI130MM, the ASI120MC (both now sold), the ASI174MM and most recently the ASI224MC. I am seriously considering the ASI178MM for full-disk solar in WL and Ca-K. The ASI cameras I have had worked very nicely indeed for planetary, lunar and solar imaging. Only the ASI130MM (rather old) showed some pattern noise which could be annoying, but could readily be removed with darks and flats. The others work very nicely indeed, and the ASI174MM shows no more Newton rings in my H-alpha set-up than the CCD-based DMK21 I used to have. I have seen some nice results on DSOs with the cooled versions, but I haven't seen a real head-to-head comparison yet. I am planning to add a Peltier cooler to my ASI174MM, not so much expecting glorious results, but as a cheap way to have a go at DSOs.

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