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OaCapture Settings (planetary)

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Hi all,

I'm using OaCapture 0.9.0 on a Mac OS X (yosemite) to capture images of Jupiter tonight.  I'm new to planetary imaging so I've no idea about the settings for capture, particularly the Demosaic/bayer settings.

I'm using and imaging source DFK21au04.as colour camera.  I plan on using PIPP, AS!2 and registax for post processing.  So far I've tried ticking the 'demosaic output data' button with auto debayer format and nearest neighbour debayer method but the images are coming out quite green (see below).

Thanks for any help!


Jupiter-mak127-f12-29416 shrp.jpg

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I'm not sure about the green issue but if you choose SER or AVI as your output you don't need PIPP. AS!2 will take the files straight in. Isn't oaCapture great. I have used it once and it's very user friendly thanks to James F.

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Hi Chris, yes oaCapture is a god send for mac users!  It's a bit of a pain copying everything over to my windows netbook for processing though but it'll have to do for now!  I'm capturing as AVI and using PIPP to do quality estimation and re-ordering... not sure if AS!2 can do that?!

Anyways I think I managed to post process the green away in pixelmator - will post results the the planetary imaging thread.



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