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Walking on the Moon

0.03 degrees off

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Not sure if this is in the right section?

Had a bit of free time tonight, so thought i would give polar alignment another go,

downloaded polar finder to use as reference for where to place the small circle according to the charts it produces, so armed with this i went out and placed small circle at what i would call 4:20 position :happy7:
i then did a 2 star alignment using 2 stars recommended by the handset, I then slewed to a couple of stars, Alkaid then Regulus,  to check if they were anywhere near fov, and sure enough they were in the fov (12mm eyepiece)
I then input Bodes, when scope stopped slewing i used the Identify function of the handset, after it finished searching it displayed "Bodes 0.03 degrees off"  so my question is,

is that good or bad for a polar alignment should i try and improve on that or run with it?




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It really depend what you are trying to find.

A decent, usable alignment should put objects in the centre half of the eyepiece (worst case), or on the ccd (again, worst case).

That performance means you can see what you're aiming at and can then centre it manually.

But without some details of your setup, its impossible to say if your performance is acceptable for what you're using.

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