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The Milky Way left hand side revisited

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Another go at the left hand side of The Milky Way.

Nikon D3100 on tripod, 18mm, ISO 3200, 45 frames at 15 seconds each ( total time 11 minutes 15 seconds).

I tried to get more natural colour from the final image which I'm still having difficulty with. I gave up eventually so I went down the silly saturation path.





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5 hours ago, symesie04 said:

Very nice, saturation looks good and natural on 2nd and 3rd images.

Thanks Symeisie04, I feel I pushed them too far. It's only enhanced perceived colour, who knows what it should look like.


4 hours ago, clarkpm4242 said:

More like the centre of the Milky Way.

Very nicely done...

...no, am not at all jealous ;)


Haha Paul. I'm using an older Nikon DSLR with average sensor that's not designed for this type of work. I think any other digital camera could and would do better.

It's similar to the center of our Milky Way yes, the Bulge. I seem to capture more dust on the left hand side of The Milky Way though compared to the Bulge.


3 hours ago, StargeezerTim said:

Excellent images. Really like the third one...

Cheers Tim.

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