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The Southern Cross (Crux) Star Trails

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Star trails of the Southern Cross.

Just under 2 hour exposure with Nikon D3100 on a tripod, 18mm lens, ISO 200, f10, 1 dark frame.

When working out South from the Southern Cross and Southern Pointers it's very close to the South Celestial Pole star.





One thing I did learn tonight was that the colourful open cluster Jewel Box (NGC 4755) is very close to one of the stars of the actual cross. I've never once looked there so it will be nice to see on my next visual.

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7 hours ago, happy-kat said:

Decided to remove the link as it got really wolly talking about noise reduction. Anyway the upshot is I might try a super long one but not here too much LP.

I seem to have missed something here... I always miss the fun :evil4:

Yep I have noisy photos, can't really do much about it and too much processing and editing takes all the fainter stars out and destroys the image. I'm quite happy with what I'm getting out of my cheap gear and I'm not expecting perfection :icon_colors:

Your best bet HK that I found is to do 20 second exposures over XX minutes and use one of those star trail apps. The app I used eliminated noise like that *clicks fingers* with very little editing after that needed, just RGB for a natural looking shot. A time lapse intervalometer would help too, just set it and let it take exposures for you over X amount of time. They're quite cheap on ebay, considering buying one myself.

I'd give it a go over 15mins to test, ya just never know HK.

I won't be doing super long exposures any more.

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I have an introvalometer already they are great I filmed my climbing beans germinating over 12 hours, fascinating. They also work as a remote release. 

The link was saying long exposure particularly at night not to worry about sensor ok. But the link also said use the in camera noise reduction !! My LP is too much for one single exposure but lots of short ones would work but no shorter than 50mm for me I think with my street lights would be to work within those limitations.

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