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Remote telescope through web

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Not sure there is a topic about this, but has sombody used a remote telescope through the web ?

I've found some  sites but the price is high for the amount i can took a shot. What i can understand there gear is godlike.

The reason i ask this, where i live it's most of the time cloudy, would it be a good investment to use these type of sites ?

I went to my local star club, but they said i need to practice at home with my own gear before i can use the remote there.  

Also the pictures they took belong to them.

Hope somebody has already done that i can share some info.






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I've not used them myself,. but looked into it. There are varying degrees of cost for the different setups and also different waiting times. I would say it completely depends on your requirements and what you want out of the hobby. Personally I am enjoying trying to get the best out of what I have in my back garden and the whole art of doing it myself, although for a hefty one-off cost I could get some excellent data on objects not in my hemisphere. It is certainly appealing, but it leaves you without the ability to do it again and again, you would need to keep finding time and money for each session. I would also get the feeling that it is not really "my" image, if that makes sense. As I progress in the hobby I may decide I want the ability to get some high quality data for a particular target for one reason or another (maybe some high quality Lum for an LRGB image for instance) at a focal length I don't possess, but for now - not for me.

One thing you might find is that given the weather and your ability or levels of enjoyment at the mechanical nature of data gathering means that you would rather spend time processing than data acquisition, then it becomes a much more appealing option.


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