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Barlow eyepiece


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Hello folks.

I would like a barlow eyepiece but the price range on those vary alot!

What are the main differences between this 29€ barlow: http://www.astroshop.eu/omegon-2x-barlow-lense-achromatic-1-25-/p,2289

and this 79€ barlow: http://www.astroshop.eu/barlow-lenses/omegon-1-25-2x-3-element-barlow-eyepiece/p,33144

Am I best off saving the money, and get the 29€ one, or do I want some premium for my first barlow?

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The golden rule is buy the best you can afford at each stage, otherwise you're likely to want to replace it over time. Usually, the higher quality the components in your optical train, the better the results. 

The exception to that rule is when someone identifies a genuine good experience from a budget item. I've no experience with the two barlows you mention, so can't help directly there. I see that the more expensive item has no reviews on the site, usually a sign that you might want to shop around a little more before making a decision.

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