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8" Dob, My Small Car, and Hiking to dark spots in Los Angeles

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I had a simple question,

I have a Subaru BRZ. Very small car, back seats fold down, but modest space.

I was thinking of getting the Orion XT8 in due time. 

Most of the time when I go to a site I have to hike a short distance, not too far, but farther then going to your backyard obviously.

Would the XT8 even fit in my trunk? What is the usual 'weight' of this thing with all the required components? I'm assuming ~40 lbs? 

I've tried looking up dimensions but it's hard on something that's not a square or a circle if you know what I mean. Basically my question is: will this fit in a small car's trunk, and can I carry it for short distances. 


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Dimensions should be easy enough. Length is length, width will be the aperture plus around 1/2". Plus whatever you might have for packaging it, like a bag, or box or something. Weight of all other components should be easy enough to find online.

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The scope can be cumbersome to carry, I wouldn't want to hike with it.  But if you do, consider some way of securing the tube (if you carry it in one piece).  If you pick it up by the handle, the tube will swing down and hit the ground.  I move mine around in a dolly.  The truss tube sounds like a good idea.  I used to live in So-Cal, it will be worth the hike.

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