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  1. TLAO and Nightwatch are very different books. TLAO is basically a how-to manual for finding stuff. Nightwatch is more of an overall astronomy book with beautiful color photos. The two books complement each other.
  2. I occasionally like to raise my 8" DOB about a foot off the ground for easier viewing. Most methods I've tried are too wobbly when looking through the eyepiece, any inexpensive solutions? thanks!
  3. I'm thinking of changing from a red dot finder to a tel rad, the little red dot doesn't give much leeway. Is there a significant difference? thanks!
  4. Hi, I am a new stargazer with an 8 inch dob. I've recently replaced the red dot eyepiece with an 9 x 50 finder scope. The scope works wonderfully once I get to the approximate place I want to look. My problem is that I have a hard time lining up the scope in the first place to get 'in the neighborhood' (for example Orion's belt). Most of the time I end up taking off the 9 x 50, putting the red dot scope on, aligning the dob, and putting the 9 x50 back on to fine tune. Any suggestions on the initial lining up of the dob? thanks!
  5. The scope can be cumbersome to carry, I wouldn't want to hike with it. But if you do, consider some way of securing the tube (if you carry it in one piece). If you pick it up by the handle, the tube will swing down and hit the ground. I move mine around in a dolly. The truss tube sounds like a good idea. I used to live in So-Cal, it will be worth the hike.
  6. Thank you again for your great answers! I'm a little confused on one point, would I be better off using just an eyepiece (for example 8mm), or using an eyepiece plus a barlow to give me the equivalent magnification?
  7. So if the scope is 1200 mm FL, and my current eyepiece is 25mm, that would give me 48X ,( 96X with a 2X barlow). If I went 8mm, that would give me 300X with the barlow ( 1200/8 x 2). Is 300X a reasonable amount of magnification for this scope? I understand that 400x is the uppermost (unrealisitc) limit.
  8. thanks for all the answers, How do these suggestions translate to magnification for this scope?
  9. Anyone familiar with the celestron 8-24mm 1.25 zoom?
  10. I recently purchased an Orion 8" Dob which I love. It came with a 25mm Plossi eyepiece and 2x shorty barlow. I don't want to go crazy, but would be interested in any recommendations for an additional lens (lenses). I'm specifically thinking about viewing Jupiter with this lens. cheers!
  11. Would you recommend the 9 X 50 or 6 x 30? I have an 8# Orion Dobs.
  12. Has anyone here had any experiences with angled finder scopes? I'm tired of having to do yoga on the ground just to line up my scope. In addition I can never figure out where to align my head to the finder scope. thanks!
  13. Thank you all, my budget is stretching it at an 8, can't justify spending more (famous last words).
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