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    Inupiaq Eskimo ivory carver. Max IV amphibious 6-wheeler and Honda atv enthusiest. Ruger revolvers are my firearms passion.
    Born-Again Jesus loving Christian.
    My wife is Bea, we have two daughters, one of which is a star gazer (which got me into this hobby)
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    Kotzebue, Alaska
  1. 2014... Orion 80mm/350 grab type table tops for beginners, of which I am. 2014 Orion 8" Newtonian dobson. 2015 Celestron C90 Mak-Cass ( still in the mail)
  2. We're going through spring thaw now. Weather is lousy... Cloudy, occasional rain, occasional snow and blowing snow. It clears up enough though. We're gaining on 24/7 sunshine, too. We look forward to fall darkness though.
  3. My daughter Pferris noticed the half-moon was shining directly out our window, so we took a look. It was very nice evening. Here is a picture. We pointed a smart phone into the eye piece. Telescope is an Orion 80mm GoScope with a 10mm eye piece.
  4. Related question... On April 8 at 4:08 Alaska time Saturn will be 2.2° south of the moon. Will the moon's brightness ruin my chance to view Saturn? I figure I should be able to see Saturn before the moon moves "near" it, but I'd still like to know. I could wait for April 8 and learn myself, which makes my post pointless, doesn't it? Thanks.
  5. I just remembered this... one of the bystanders that came around (we live in the ame apartment building) says his dad is into star gazing, and has a telescope. He also recieves an astronomy magazine through the mail, he said. I know the guy, so I'll be speaking to him very soon. Who knows, maybe the Arctic Circle Astromony Club will have it's first members.
  6. We can get to -70 F at times during the winter, not including the wind chill factor. Summers get to 70's most of the time, with 80F+ a lucky day. We're expecting the fall season to be our best time for gazing. It will be dark, but warm. We even got a few spots in town to view from. No light polution there. Winter viewing is indeed cold. Worth it though, so I am not going to complain.
  7. Luke... Thanks for the compliment. I think I'd like to add one of them cell phone holders to take steadier photos. Nice hobby it proving to be.
  8. Well, we gave it about 15-20 minutes and laser collimated as we waited. Views were very good after this. People walked by and saw us. We invited them to take a peek. They all were impressed. Some guy drove ny and pulled over to take a look, too. One of the bystanders had a few pints, and seemed a bit merry. He said I was hard core. It was a compliment I think. We all enjoyed the viewing. I was shivering by the.time we got done. Roughly two hours outside.
  9. I guess I'm supposed to make sure the photos are rotated properly first. Just tilt your head then, eh?
  10. Hi. My star gazer daughter Meryl and I, with her friend Sherena, braved 30 below weather to view tonight's lunar eclipse. We took our Skyliner 8" dobson ourside for the first time. Heavy and combersome to pack down three flights of stairs but we got it down. Collimation was next. Waiting to cool down time didn't take long it seemed. Here is a picture. I placed my smart phone over the eye piece. We enjoyed the viewing, as did bystanders, including my younger brother and his wife. Everyone was impressed with the Skyliner. We had a velry cold but wonderful time.
  11. We're sporting cloud cover the past few days. The lunar eclipse is Saturday do I'm hoping it clears up by then.
  12. Thanks. Learn by our mistakes. Learn by other's mistakes.
  13. Kaznkev... Yes, I held my phone against the eyepiece. Here is another effort tonight. Clouds came in and smothered the moon about fifteen minutes later. The seeing was deterioring, needless to say.
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