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  1. Well in this case there are no other residents. Just two houses, the other one is empty. Not another house for 1/2 a mile.
  2. Yeah the light remained on last night. Somehow I feel my complaint never reached the "sergeant" who was gonna work on it, but I could be wrong. I'll go in tomorrow if it's on again tonight and see how I can talk to who makes the decision instead of just talk to someone who was gonna pass my message along.
  3. They were probably just being good neighbors and trying to give you some light to help carry the unidentified object to your house. /sarcasm. Have you tried talking to them?
  4. Crime here is higher than average, but they are only lighting up the back of their building. I went in today and talked to two civilians and the one in charge said he'll have the sergeant look into it tonight and I said well perhaps you could mention to him to just change the timer to midnight and I'll be happy (as they come on around dusk). I'll follow up Monday if no difference and if they're off tonight I'll be stoked! I also took pictures of the light and of my house and pointed out in a kind of over exaggerated manner that it's "blinding us" at night and a huge disturbance, and we a
  5. Thanks Mognet. Was planning on going in tomorrow or next few days otherwise those might be my best bet.
  6. Hah! Never would have thought. Is there anyone I should talk to at Darksky or just get some info and bring that in? Thanks Dave any other input you have would be awesome.
  7. Oddly I had about a 10x better view in the heart of Los Angeles based on the way my trees surrounded the house, with a population of about a million or so? Here with 10000 people I can't even use the scope! Thankfully I am moving again (buying a house) in a few months so if anything it's temporary but still I'd like to try out my new Baader Hyperion IV eyepiece =[.
  8. Oh I was gonna bring in the flyer as "back-up" not just leave it there. It's a 100% useless light [literally just shines into my yard] so I may have a chance, but I'm sure there's some kind of bureaucratic nightmare in making that kind of decision.
  9. I just moved to a new place in Oregon (from Los Angeles) and my back yard is a great spot for observing, minus the gigantic light behind the police station. It is a town of 9000 people and it's blinding and you can see zero stars with it on in the yard. What's the best way to approach this - or do I even have a chance at all of maybe getting them to turn it off? I was thinking of walking in there with a flyer or something but I'm afraid I'll get laughed out of the place. The police station is literally right behind my house and there's only 2 houses as we're in kind of a super mini side street
  10. I got it fixed! I e-mailed manufacturer and he said to loosen the fine focus knob and pull it a hair back from the coarse knobs and it fixed it - the bump must have pushed them too close together.
  11. Hmm I have some homework if that's the case. I'll take it apart in a bit. I suppose the only thing that could have happened is I bumped it hard - I don't remember doing it but who knows. I don't think something like that would just happen from gravity from sitting still!
  12. I'm assuming that's in the allen key slots on the focuser? I tried a bit yesterday but it didn't move - might try harder today.
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