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Nice Idea for Planning Observing Sessions

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So I came across this article and I was thinking that it would be nice to make wire guides that I could put on my star chart to get an idea of what I should be seeing in my scope. The only problem is that I have read the article 20 times now and still can't figure out how to make the wire guides.

The first wire guide that I wanted to make was one for my 25 mm eyepiece. The focal length of my telescope is 1250 mm.  I am thinking that I just need to find the field diameter of my 26 mm eyepiece. Then figure out that translates to a length in millimeters based of off the scale of my star chart. Then it would just 2*PI*R from there.

Any help would be greatly welcomed

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Thats an awesome link Helen,  been playing around with it (cloudy skies for the last few evenings)

Input my various  optics, and gives me an idea what i should be getting regards viewing



Credit to the guys at FLO :wink:

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