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Beginning to think I'm jinxed

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.....long (and very trying) story of how I got to this point, seems to have been thoroughly jinxed from day one. However, I have a nice C8 (which I love) sitting on a new AVX mount, and since a few weeks ago, with a Celestron Starsense. However I still can't get it to align. I tried the starsense for the first time last night and tried again tonight;

On both occasions I've done a factory reset, done the alignment from scratch. The alignment is a bit off but not massively, still enough to be a problem though. The C8 has a focal length a little over 2000mm so needs to be accurate. Using a 24mm ep with 68deg fov, usually targets are about 1 ep width away from where the scope is pointing.

I've done a calibration (and then rerun the alignment) and try to slew back to the target, it's in exactly the same place as before the calibration. I've tried pointing the scope in the correct place before entering calibration mode as well as entering calibration mode before using the direction controls to point the scope where I want.

Any ideas anyone please? If I can get it to work, I know I'll be grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat!

On the upside, after getting fed up trying to get the AVX to work earlier this evening, I pulled out my little 4" refractor and tried using the setting circles on my EQ3-2 mount for the first time ......with complete success. Beginning to wonder why I bothered with a GoTo set up......

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Been new to all this, The Mrs has a 130 slt , We found that hers was out even with her's fairly forgiving focal length and a 25mm ep from what I've read on the subject. 

However, we found it to be a lot better by putting our actual GPS location in under "custom location".  Also when aligning, use the up and right keys to do the final movement. I'm presuming this is to do with backlash from the gear mechanism

I'm presuming it to be the same system on the SLT series all be it with a different mount.  Worth a shot though .

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There are previous posts about this and they sound the same, trouble is I cannot recall the posts they were 2-3 months back.

The Star Sense seems to cause more problems then it solves,

Will suggest that instead of the Subject you have you put another up titled something like: AVX and Starsense problems.

At least then someone that (may) have gone through the same sees the problem and so may reply. At present someone who has had the samne and found a solution may not read this post.

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