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  1. Rolled in with mist/fog now here in the Scunthorpe area . Was nice and clear up until 2 ish. At least the Mrs and I got to try the new pier .
  2. Just been giving this a go, Keep getting a database error Update maybe? Be real handy for the Mrs and I
  3. Spam is from fake accounts not the use of the edit button.
  4. For the celstron goto's I've found that putting your actual coordinates in help a lot. Also when aligning make sure the last movements are done with the up and right direction keys.
  5. Might be an idea to do a complete wipe and fresh install of stellerium. I've uploaded my ssystem.ini if that helps. I'm running 13.2 on *nix though . Not that it should be different mind ssystem.ini.zip
  6. On the adapter when you wire it , make sure you do TX>TX not TX>RX like you think. Also don't forget the 3.3v feed. That's needed as to set the correct conversion voltage. Regards the DB9 wiring, I changed the Male to a female on the HC cable so to fit without a gender changer, I did hunt for a Female but be damned if I could find one.
  7. Why's that then? Is there a specific reason for them to not? Demand for that size maybe!
  8. Glad I made the wright decision then! (For a change) FLO are quick, they turned up this morning at just gone 9 Must say the ep does look good, we just need some nice clear skies now too see how they perform comparatively
  9. Finally decided on which ep's would be a good investment for the Mrs and I for use on a130 SLT . More of a treat for her with it being valentines day and all soon. I was originally looking at the celestron Luminos series but read some conflicting reviews on them. Decided on the vixen SLV series. So bought a 12mm . From what I've read they are good + good for people that wear glasses too as the Mrs does. The consensus with barlows seems to be the Skywatch ED 2x barlow is a good all rounder at the price range. The ep may be over kill going on the scope but my line of thinking is if we/she upgrade's the ep's can follow. If that makes any sense. Or have I made a boo boo ?
  10. Trouble is a new to most of the astro stuff so can't really help much in that regard but I see what you are saying. To me the best way is to use the RPI to talk directly to the mount in your case via TTL and do away with the serial conversion all together. I did mine this way as to have both usb ports free mainly . Though with the PI 2 that's mute I suppose. I was wondering about doing away with the RPI and getting a bluetooth module and just wire it inside the HC in my case but still need a conversion as most serial adapters are 5v instead the standard 12v. Put the pics in spoiler tags as there a bit big.
  11. Been new to all this, The Mrs has a 130 slt , We found that hers was out even with her's fairly forgiving focal length and a 25mm ep from what I've read on the subject. However, we found it to be a lot better by putting our actual GPS location in under "custom location". Also when aligning, use the up and right keys to do the final movement. I'm presuming this is to do with backlash from the gear mechanism I'm presuming it to be the same system on the SLT series all be it with a different mount. Worth a shot though .
  12. Just had a look on mine , I would have thought it would require changing the value under Jupiter, which on mine is line 2248. Am I right ?
  13. Cheers Moonshane, The star hopping guide is helpful for us new guys/gals Just need some clear nights now
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