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Please help me put these Atik pieces together....

Fordos Moon

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I have recently bought an ATik460EX and EFW2 with a few attaching thingamybobs.

This was my plan after some FLO advice:


These are the bits I have:

Atik460EX mono


EFW2 filter wheel


M48 to T Adaptor


7.5mm spacer


Atik M54 to M42 adaptor


and a bag of delrins.

My reducer:


Ive calculated spacers required with FLO which comes to the 7.5mm spacer and about 3.5mm of the delrins.

My issues:

1. The Atik adaptor doesnt seem to fit anywhere. If I screw off the nosepiece that came with the camera it seems to screw flush on against the filter wheel without need for any adaptor?

2. The M48 to T adaptor in no way seems to attach to my focal reducer, it seems too small?

If anyone could correct my diagram or say if something I have is the wrong bit I would be very grateful and make you tea for life



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Hahaha - sounds like something I'd do.

Pleased to hear you're sorted and can start enjoying that lovely kit.


Thanks mate i feel such a fool the number of times simple things catch me out! Couldnt even delete it to save my embarrassment!

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 i feel such a fool the number of times simple things catch me out!

No need to feel that way at all.

I used to manage a lot of apprentices in a "high risk" industry and we used to tell them that "there's no such thing as a stupid question - except the one you wished you'd asked but didn't because you were embarrassed" - The same thing applies here. 

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