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  1. Of course, that's what I am here for to learn from the master :-)Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. Imaged using dual Tak106N on Mesu mount with Tom's Atik 11000 and Yve's SXVH36 at Olly's place! HA 3nm 7x30mins top panel, 9x30mins bottom panel RGB 1hr per channel per panel Processed using AstroArt, Pixinsight, Registar and Photoshop
  3. My images this month.. Wizard - HA 11 x 20mins, OIII 9 x 15 mins, SII 8 x 15 mins Bubble - Ha - 12x1200secs RGB - 12,11,10 x 300 secs
  4. Ah yes I see where that would make sense, thanks Peter, although come to think of it I could do deep sky with it too...hmm food for thought!
  5. Afternoon all, I have been around the imaging forums a while, mostly deep sky. I have a SW ED80 / HEQ5 Pro / Altair pier, Atik460EXMONO combo which I love for deep sky photography, especially now as I get used to narrowband filters. Over the last few years I have used my trusty SW200P /ASI120MM /filters combo for fairly reasonable planetary imaging but am considering stepping it up a gear. So i was looking at the Celestron EDGE 11" and a suitable mount. Would appreciate any thoughts as to suitable mount required for planetary ASI120MM imaging. Thanks as always Bob
  6. Thanks so much everyone - mount collected today and on it's way to Graham!
  7. Thanks Mike do you by any chance have his email address, the link on the website doesnt seem to work? - ignore that ive found it!
  8. Thanks Jonk, Im hoping the guy I will send it to will know how to do that?
  9. Thanks chaps it alll sounds good - how would i benefit from a belt drive?
  10. My HEQ5Pro is playing up a lot on the RA and I am thinking of sending it to this chap who comes recommended to be stripped down and rebuilt: http://www.astrotecuk.co.uk/ He also offers a beltdrive mod and I wondered if someone could tell me what advantage this would be, as it is another £130 while he is at it (the strip down is £100) Thanks in anticipation, Bob
  11. After three years of excellent performance my mount has developed a small wobble despite checking all the fixings are tight. The mount is atop a rock solid pier. You may have guessed I am not a mechanic. When imaging something low in the sky it is fine, and something near the zenith but anything about 60 degrees up is giving me mega peaks and troughs on my PHD2 readout and stars with lines through them (slight wiggle then settles). I am guessing the weight distribution of the scope shifts with altitude and where it is not rock solid it is moving a little. I am also showing the PHD2 guy my data on the google phd group to check that side of things, he is always really helpful. My question is does anyone know of someone who can service / check my mount? Many thanks Bob
  12. I wouldn't do anything other than Ha if desperate to image during a full moon mate. I imaged M81/82 with Ha and then RGB when moon went, and its amazing how much more the Ha brought out compared to my Canon 1100d attempt a year ago. Check out my PIC on Facebook/starlightpictures if you get a chance and clear skies!
  13. 6 x 300 seconds RGB with Atik 460EX on Skywatcher ED80. One awaits backlash from serious purists(!)
  14. It's cloudy so I reprocessed an image I constructed last year using techniques I have picked up over the past months. Canon 1100D and ED80. 16x10mins and 24x5mins, plus darks and flats.
  15. Me too! This is very helpful info well done for asking the question!
  16. Taken on board thanks Sara, did pop at one point and I was worried I had overdone it!
  17. A long time since I images this pair with my Canon 1100D! Here they are using my Atik460EX in HaRGB using my trusty ol' ED80. 8x1200 Ha 6x600 RGB A total of 5 hours and 40 minutes.
  18. Very nice, i like the vibrant red in M82. I have just imaged this myself with my ED80 and the Atik460EX will post image later.
  19. Its a crop, its about half the size on my chip
  20. Thank you very much its so nice to be getting somewhere with my new Atik!
  21. Gathered the data over two nights but on each occasion had to flip scope. Mount appeared to get back in place perfectly the second night.
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