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Lunar phase too fast for mosaic at high focal lenght? how are you guys dealing with this issue?


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When it's a fairly big moon, or full moon as in right now, and i start on a mosaic at say 2000mm with the QHY5L-IIM.

Lets say i capture about 120-180 sec per section cause of poor seeing, and a good bit of overlapping to be on the safe side - from the time i start, to the time i finish, there is usually about 4-6 hours in between. I won't notice much of it normally, but if i, when i'm done, go back to where i started and take another pic, and compare it to the first, there is a notisable difference, even though it's just a few hours in between them.

Now this might not currently be an issue, but i'm planning to upgrade my cheap 2x plastic barlow to either a 3x, 4x or 5x powermate/barlow form televue - and i'm worried about if i'll actually have enough time to do a mosaic and cover the entire moon in one night?

Especially concidering i'll need probably even more frames in each video to get a decent quality, combined with longer exposure of each frame to keep noise down.

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Although the first and last set may be a few hour apart the sets that join together in the mosaic will only be a few minutes apart if you plan correctly so there shouldn't be too much of an issue. The smaller image size with the increased barlow will however add quite a few for frames to cover the full moon so I wouldn't go too far with the barlow size.

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