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Breckland 2014 star parties

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Friday 25th to Monday 28th April
Friday 19th to Monday 22nd September
Friday 24th to Monday 27th October if poor skies in September

Come earlier or stop later if you want. Pitches £10 per night with hook up.

A Dark Sky Discovery Site.
Naked eye visibility 5.73, averted 5.99 best SQM reading 21.75
We had 6 clear all night sessions out of 7 in autumn 2013

Direct to David Wiggins or Sue Orman at Haw Wood Farm Caravan Park, Hinton, Saxmundham. IP17 3QT
Email, davewiggins@hotmail.co.uk Phone 01986 784248
Website, www.hawwoodfarm.co.uk
Go to Haw Wood news for latest update and reviews of our star parties.
For information see the BAS website, www.brecklandastro.org.uk

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This looks interesting. Certainly is sat in a good spot according to the UK light pollution map. Couldn't find the answer to this, or i'm being thick, but when you say £10 a night - is that camping? I'm fairly sure that's what you mean but until i'm 100% i'm going to ask! Looks like a good getaway for me.

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Sorry for the confusion over fees. I spoke to Tony (club chairman) and the fee is £10.  The campsite has been quoting an incorrect figure.

I know Phil has booked, anyone else planning to be there? I'll be in the Fiat camper so feel free to pop by and say hello.


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A nice weekend and we actually got some viewing as well, despite the poor forecast.

I missed the 2 hours of beautiful transparent skies on the friday/saturday night due to being asleep recovering from a busy week. Some very complementary comments from the big dob users though.

BBQ saturday afternoon was attended by about 15 and the rain had stopped by then.

Saturday evening cleared earlier but with some haze until 2:30 when it clouded over completely in a matter of minutes.

Some great pictures from Phil's Watec of M51.



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It was great to see the clouds gradually thin to reveal a sunset on the Saturday eve. Because the transparency wasn't too good I ended up using the Celestron with the Watec camera and viewed through the laptop. The poor old dob got dewed up pretty bad anyway. Here`s a list of some observing highlights.

Comets  C/2014 E2 (Jacques) and 209P/Linear were not found (I was being a bit optimistic)

2012 K1 PANSTARRS    revealed itself as a small round haze with just a trace of tail.

M87    I`m sure I could see the central jet coming out of it!

NGC 2419 The Intergalactic Wanderer showed up quite well.

M51   I was quite amazed at the detail I was getting, picture attached.

Hickson 68 Galaxy cluster. I did not expect to see this at all but I nearly fell off my chair when this appeared on the monitor. I could easily detect five galaxies.

M44   I piggy backed the Watec for this and used a Pentax F50 SLR lens. I didn't show up as good as I thought it would though. 

Thanks to the other Andrew for letting me take a look through his 24" dob. That was the first time I ever looked through something that large!

By 2am I called it a night, tired but very happy.


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