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  1. That's what I was thinking - To just pursue the interests that come about. That's what life's all about right!? I mean, I will be into this again, I'm sure I will, it just annoys me really that my interests change so quickly and that I have no control over it. Selling up for now
  2. Evening all, I'm so very confused by myself :/ My interests change so quickly and I find myself losing interest in this hobby I don't want to as I know it is such a wonderful thing to do - Be out all night with fellow observers all looking at the same beauty of the sky, gorping over your scopes etc... I don't know what it is. I'm taking a lot more (seemingly uncontrollable) interest in my car and I just can't help but put this hobby and this forum last. Sorry for the winge, just a thought i've been having.
  3. Thanks velvet hehe. It's just so annoying as Hobsey said, the money spent on the equipment is nuts, but to think it's not being used at all!? Eugh.
  4. ...Or does anybody else get down, almost depressed, when the sky has been cloudy for weeks? There hasn't been a good break in the clouds over my house for around 2 weeks now and I'm really missing looking through an eyepiece at the marvellous sights on offer. I'm actually emotionally down as I haven't been able to observe for too long Woe is me. Some give me a cuddle?
  5. Well that's the 200P Collimated. Awaiting star test. Oh wait, it's April.

  6. What telescope have you got? There are a number of existing cases for certain 'scopes, but there are always custom ones available.
  7. Haven't got out once this week since Easter Friday. Missing the big frac now :(

  8. Cloudy skies really suck. Can someone donate some money to me to move to Yosemite or something....

  9. Flamethrower - Sure to rid you of the spots problem (probably your mirror too). Hehe, as above really. Just try to give it a quick blast of dry air to shift it. It's best not to physically touch the mirror.
  10. You should try to play cat bowling with it next. Set up some empty cans and get the cat to run into the cans and see if you can get a strike. Excellent fun I used to have with my old laser pointer. In all seriousness, it is incredibly difficult to collimate a cat, so well done to you sir...
  11. For me the best thing I've seen is M13 at high magnification under dark, transparent and stable conditions. So many stars resolved... Just so many stars in such a small area. To think that some of these stars are only 1/10th of a light year apart from each other.... Saying that though, I will be boring by saying any DSO has been amazing to see. The Leo Triplet, M87 & neighbours, M51, M81/M82 have been the most incredible sights.
  12. I'm currently trying to get a collimation tool for this very purpose - I want to be able to adequately compare the two. I don't think there will be that much in them. The frac is going to trump the reflector for planetary/clusters etc, but then the reflector will beat the frac for fuzzies... Let's see what actually happens.
  13. Managed all three last night at the dark site. Conditions were very favourable. As much as they were smudges of light, they were all very prominent in the FOV and a lovely sight to see
  14. As long as you enjoyed yourself bud, that's what this is all about. You have a passion for the night sky and are pursuing that passion with, by the looks of it, some great kit! Fair play matey
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