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Wanting buy a telescope that my partner would enjoy using as well as me - she prefers the refractor type whereas I prefer the reflector type and I'm thinking that a catadioptric type would be a good option. Given this, I was looking at the Nexstar 4SE as it fitted that bill and also had a neat flip mirror device so I can attach my camera to the 'scope and continue to use the viewfinder at the same time. Shame that say the 5SE doesn't have the same facility (or could the 5SE be specified with this?)

The compact nature of a catadioptric also appeals.

So is the Nexstar 4SE a good choice or should I make my flexible friend flex a little bit more and get the 5SE.

Another Q relating to this - can I use by car battery jump starter pack as a power source rather than using the "power tank" ... a much cheaper option?

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If you are doing planetary imaging the 4 and 5se will be fine but neither the scopes (too slow and too long focal lengths) or the mounts (alt az and not accurate enough) are really suitable for deep space imaging with long exposure. That being said if you want to image planets get either the http://www.firstlightoptics.com/slt-series/celestron-nexstar-127-slt.html

or the http://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-127-synscan-az-goto.html both have 5" scopes, mounts which are nearly as good and are cheaper and yes your power pack should be fine

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