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  1. Thanks for the reply Mak One - yes it is for AP. I guess most use a Canon or Nikon because they are probably more common than Olympus cameras in general. I'll give it a go and see what results I get!
  2. Spare a thought for us accountants preparing loads of these things! At least we can prepare tax returns using our own software rather than relying on the HMRC system. Oh, that reminds me ... I'd better get my own tax return done
  3. Does anyone use an Olympus E510 DSLR .... and with what results?
  4. Many thanks rowan46 - all input gratefully recieved. Do you know whether the flip mirror mount on 4SE can be specified on the Nexstar 127s? SLT?
  5. Wanting buy a telescope that my partner would enjoy using as well as me - she prefers the refractor type whereas I prefer the reflector type and I'm thinking that a catadioptric type would be a good option. Given this, I was looking at the Nexstar 4SE as it fitted that bill and also had a neat flip mirror device so I can attach my camera to the 'scope and continue to use the viewfinder at the same time. Shame that say the 5SE doesn't have the same facility (or could the 5SE be specified with this?) The compact nature of a catadioptric also appeals. So is the Nexstar 4SE a good choice or should I make my flexible friend flex a little bit more and get the 5SE. Another Q relating to this - can I use by car battery jump starter pack as a power source rather than using the "power tank" ... a much cheaper option?
  6. We did the desert stargazing trip a few years back - a car trip from Dahab. We had a "bedouin encounter" in thew desert, some really nice food and tea and waited for the sun to go down. a bus load came from Sharm to join just us two from Dahab. There were three telescopes set up and we were able to look through all of them. Great excursion. I've spent many a night on the upper deck of a liveabaord diveboat too - looking at the night sky and watching meteor showers..... such great memories
  7. As a newbie to this I was amazed at Jupiter last night too. I borrowed a friend's scope and it was already dark when I got it home. Probably committed a cardinal sin but assembled it and didn't really carry out any alignment at all and managed to locate Jupiter after a while. I could clearly see two bands and I think maybe 4 moons (but as Mcwill said ... these could have been stars!). I'm now reading through the instruction manual to learnm how to do this properly, but guess I'm like a kid with a new toy and no patience!
  8. I've installed Stellarium on both my PC and laptop but the "resolution" of the labels is very poor - even on my HD screen. No doubt, being both a newbie and a numpty I'm doing something basically wrong ... but can anyone give me a clue? (And specsavers isn't an option!).
  9. derdle

    Afternoon all

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I read the thread http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/72869-essential-reading-those-who-thinking-about-getting-into-astronomy.html ..and followed the link. Quite an old article (the use of "Compuserve" was a bit of a giveaway) but the principles are as valid now as they were 11 years ago. So, today, I'm taking the first steps by borrowing a telescope from friends - hopefully we'll have some clear skies tonight.
  10. derdle

    Afternoon all

    Always been fascinated by our skies and avidly followed the NASA missions since I was a kid. Now I'm a bigger kid and the fascination is still there. Will browse across the forum for hints and tips for a decent telescope as I'd really like to see Jupiter properly, since it is up there at the moment.
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