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Emergency - Aplanatic CC from SW


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Hello fellow astronomers,

I titled this thread emergency, couse it actually is in some kind of a way. I'm planing to buy the aplanatic CC for f/4 newtonians very shortly after subminitg this thread, so any quick info would be appreciated. After testing my 10" quattro with different coma correctors, the aplanatic stands as my last hope.

The usual CC from SW or TS (the one with 0.9x reducing factor) gave me haloes around all stars, thus resolving in crapy pics. I also tested MPCC from baader, gave me a bit smaller haloes, but they still existed. When testing baader RCC, i couldn't reach focus, and since my OTA is still in waranty I don't wanna lift my primary jet.

So, since this aplanatic CC for f/4 is a dedicated one for the QUATTRO's, everything should be fine. Still, I want a bit more info:

-What thread does it have? If I'm correct it's a M48??

-Does it alter the collimating laser in any way?? (important one!!!) The 0.9x TS/SW give the laser path a strange alter, which results in a big laser spot on the primary if collimating trough the corrector. The MPCC and the RCC don't do that, so it's a nice feature to be able to collimate trough your corrector,

-can anybody upload FUL SIZE pics, at least a few, made with the aplanatic CC and a 10" quattro, so I can see if it's a really big improvement to the haloes of the stars, comparing it to the MPCC (which has a much lower price).

Regards, and thanks for all of the replies,


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Forgot the links to the mentioned correctors, so nobody gets confused.

Aplanatic f4 CC: http://www.mojteleskop.si/_item/2129/Aplanaticni_korektor_kome_%28coma_corrector%29_za_f/4_Newtone__2_.html

regular SW/TS 0,9x CC: http://www.mojteleskop.si/_item/2111/Korektor_kome_%28coma_corrector%29_za_Newtone__2.html

MPCC (this is the only link I have, but I was using a mark I ):http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p486_Baader-2--Newtonian-Coma-Corrector-MPCC-Mark-III---from-f-3-5-to-f-6.html

RCC: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3317_Baader-RCC-Newton-Coma-Corrector---triplet-lens---long-distance.html

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Here is the link to the shop where I bought the Coma corrector:


It IS 48mm.

I use a cat's eye collimator and therefore collimate directly through the 2" focuser hole.


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