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  1. I always try to get somewhere around 5hrs per object, but like always, I ran out of time:) And about the sky, yes, I admit I am cheating a bit SQM here was 21.36 when it was a bit cloudy, so I'm glad about that:) It actually is, when everything goes as planed, but when not, it can be frustrating I threw away 3 subs at this object, which is not so much, sometimes my whole night goes to hell...not because of the 10" or its 1000mm fl, but because of an old computer and its USB ports
  2. I definately agree with you! I had some trouble at the center of the image, but managed to make it as clean as posible in PS.
  3. Here's a quick M101 from sunday... Had problems with flats, so they are "borrowed" from another night. 18 x 5min 26 x dark 10 x flat 41 x offset ISO 800 Quattro 10" CF mounted on NEQ6 SS Pro (goto) Canon 1000D (unmoded)
  4. Wow, gees, I did not expect so many comments comming back here after a few days:) Thank you all, especially Olly, will try that if I manage to do it!
  5. Yeah, I know it's giving me problems... Tried to "cool" it down with procesing, but with not much luck...Have any ideas?
  6. My first real attempt of Horsehead nebula. Keep in mind, I'm using an unmoded cam, so the "reds" are kinda pushed to the edge in photoshop. Also I forgot to take darks in the second set of lights, so there is some noise that I am not pleased with. Image was cropped a bit, and downsized. INFO: 1st set: ISO 1600, 18x6min light 2nd set: ISO 800, 23x6min light 7 darks 12 flats 41 offsets Camera: EOS 1000D - unmod. Scope: QUATTRO 10" CF f/4 mounted on NEQ6 SS Pro Thank you for looking.
  7. Doesn't want to show the pic, hopefully you'll be able to open this link: http://shrani.si/f/45/JD/1WEMhS8B/sgl.jpg
  8. Ok, tried to get rid of the bad subs...kinda had a hard time doing it, since all were kind of a bad With a really quick process I came up with this, looks not so sharp to me
  9. Will do that Dave, thanks for your kind advice. Though I am concerened that with less subs I'll get even less information.
  10. Thank you, still, this was my goal: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13559902/M45%20Thur%C3%B8%20Quattro%20SW%20indoor%20flats%20100min%20working.jpg
  11. A cloudless night turned into a foggy one, the fog was so thick it could have been cut with a knife! Everything was soaked in dew...even the primary mirror, which I saddly found out at the end of my session. So, here it is, comments please for where could I do better with imaging or procesing... ISO 800 - unmoded Canon 1000D Quattro 10" f4 w/aplanatic f4 CC NEQ6 etc... 22 x 304 sec light 14 x dark 17 x flat 41 x offset
  12. Lots of info there, just fiddle with it some more in PS where you'll have the time:)
  13. Now thats what I was talking about! Hopefully my next one comes near yours!
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