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Camelopardalis : The high giraffe.


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While all eyes were fixed on the Perseids firework display, I noted the sky was only very dark but clear and stable.

very highly placed is Camelopardalis,

NGC 1501 is at the end of Kemble's Cascade and a wonderful bright Blue Oyster planetary nebula, even without the filter, it really stands out. Further magnification will get you the central star.

NGC 2403 is unbelievably bright, but not detailed. A real surprise as was another galaxy NGC 2655.

Then over to Draco and revisit to NGC 6543 The Cat'sEye Nebula. This was really very bright blue green at x48 and x200 brought out further detail, with M11 the central star. I've always written this off under poorer seeing, but it was magical last night.

Over to the dense star clouds of NGC 6939 in Cepheus, have a look it's special. Over to NGC 281 The PACman cluster with nebulosity. Both Pegasus and Perseus galaxies showed up as did the amazing width and span of the Milky Way.

Add to this the fireworks of Perseids ,an early white fireball to the south and 3 cans of cider and cheers to the kickoff of the forthcoming season ! Under

clear skies,


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