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Help choosing 2nd Scope

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Her Maj has decided after many years of bullet dodging, that I'm now a pensioner and she is going to give me some money to help in my old age. But then she takes most of it away again in her role as tax collector, however I have some to flitter away on myself before er indoors takes the rest.

I currently have a SW Explorer 150p, but have already shelled out to get an eq5 because the eq3-2 caused too much wobble when manual tracking.

I am considering getting a second scope which I would use only for planetary observing. I'm toying with either the SW Skymax 127, or the Celestron 127 SLT; basically similar I believe, only software database difference.

Any other scope ideas would be appreciated, but I would like to try something different to a reflector and something which could help with poor eye sight.

Budget, £400 - £500


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I have been a pensioner for many years, and my other half has never suggested anything like that, you are a lucky man :) As you have an SW 150 already, IMHO I would certainly not consider reducing in scope aperture size, but with a longer focal length just for Planet observing, as you may be disappointed, you have an EQ5 so why not fit an SW 200P-DS OTA onto it, with the benefit of the dual speed focuser, it is well within your budget. I appreciate the eye sight problems, as I suffer as well, but there is nothing in the alternative refractor range that will match your reflectors, as any APO of sufficient objective size will be way beyond your budget allocation :)

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Oh, the joys of the English language.

Should I have put: 'after many years of bullet dodging Her Maj has decided I'm now a pensioner, or

Having dodged the bullet for many years serving Her Maj, - now dont think Prince Philip would be too chuffed,

So finally, since I have finished my military service and reached pension age, Her Maj is giving me a few pounds to spend on myself, after she has taken her cut for taxation to help those on benefits - ie her family.

Hmmmm, SW 200P-DS and 150P in the dining room. Thats going to take some convincing.

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I agree with glowjet, reducing your aperture may not be a good move. An 8" Dob may also be worthy of your consideration. Dobs are nice and easy to use and less exhausting as you don't have to keep moving them around the two axis of the mount or rotating the tube in the rings to get a good eyepiece position. If you are of average height you can observe sitting down with a Dob and the eyepiece will never be in an uncomfortable position. The Skywatcher 200mm Dob is and excellent buy (around £300 if I remember correctly) and all the ones I have used had great optics. Treat yourself to a nice 32/35mm 2" eyepiece with a 70 degree field as well and you'll have some wonderful jaw dropping wide-field views.

Best regards, Paul

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