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  1. It was good to have the tent despite of all the problems it presented. But the one in your link looks far better and portable. Obviously it is tailored for astronomical purpose I suppose. Please upload some photo, if you happen to get one. cheers.
  2. This situation prevented me from buying anything made by Meade for the time being.
  3. HI All Set up an old scout tent in the corner of the back garden as a temporary observatory, and it was good in following way. 1. It helps observing in great deal under light pollution. 2. It was warm and cozy giving protected environment feel on chilly windy night. 3. I can leave the Dobs mount, chairs, books, planisphere and table in the tent all the time, so it kind of speeds up set up. 4. The old tent cost me only £50. Negative points were, 1. Old tent has smell of dampness inside. 2. It is not possible to observe West and Northern part of sky. I can only point the scope to the East and
  4. Here, astronomy books are taken out and read, when I am in Astro moods, but it is cloudy or rainy nights.
  5. I have 8" SW200P, 6" SW Refractor and Orion 12" Newt. Amongst these, my favourite has to be the Orion 12" Newtonian on GP-DX EQ mount. Its weight and size makes slow to set up. But once mounted, it gives best view pulling lots of lights, it is well worth the hassle. Only problem is, have not been able to go out observing for last 2 weeks due to continuing poor weather at night in this area.
  6. I do miss PM's style of presentation and his accent. Having said that, I love current series of SAN. I really did enjoy the latest program about Mars.
  7. I think difference between looking at Google photos or Youtube vids about stars, and looking into the stars in the night sky through own scopes is, difference between watching music vid on TV, and going to concert and seeing the band playing live. I would say they are experience of different dimension.
  8. Hi All While arranging old book shelf, I found this book from 1940s. I think it will be interesting read. Added to my Astronomy book collection.
  9. planet15

    Universe around us

    Found this book while arranging book shelf. Interesting.
  10. In the pitch darkness, I have seen a few hedge hogs crawling out in the back garden. When I put the torch to them, they go hunch back, and then pretend death. I was OK with that. But when I saw foxes hanging around on the grass, it was a bit intimidating. Still I am all right with wild animals, but not too keen on idea of the ghosts in the dark night garden.
  11. I sometimes wonder if a 127mm Mak would have been better choice than a 200P Dob for it's portability and longer focus. But each and every time, I come to a conclusion I am glad having chosen the 200P Dob. If had to have one scope, this is the one.
  12. I must admit, I had a few spooky feeling moments at times alone in the dark. Corner of my back garden where I set up scopes is well blocked area by hedges, small trees and shed. It is quite cozy and quiet during the day in that area, so I sometimes go there with a chair and read or listen to music from iPad and headphone. But at night, when it gets dark, and I am busy scanning the sky with scopes, I sometimes gets chill at my back as if someone is standing in the corner of the shed behind me. It is strange because I never think about these things, but it is just sudden feeling hitting me
  13. No probs Ed. Glad you liked the vid as well. cheers. Jay
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