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Skywatcher 200p / EQ5 Upgrades

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I would like some advice on 2 things, bit of a newbee.

1. I am looking at upgrade the Eye lens and would like to know what experts think of the Revelation Photo Visual Eypiece Kit and also opinions on 8mm 58 degree BST wide andle eyepice. Would it also be worth change the lens holder to the Skywatcher Crayford 10:1 that I have also seen on line?

2. The EQ5 tripod is non motorised. I am a bit confused / undecided wether to upgarde to Dual motor or a full Synscan full pro upgrade. This sounds a bit daft but does the Dual motor upgrade move scope on its own, ie do you tell it what to track or do you control it by the handeset buttons?, Can the Telescope still be controlled manually with either of this upgrades?

Thats about it. Thanks in advance for anybody that helps.

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