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Sunspots AR 1785 & 1787 from July 5th


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My full disc DSLR shot wasn't that good on Friday, certainly compared to previous discs I've taken, even with 90 frames stacked.


The close ups however came out nicely, and I also caught a satellite passing across the disc. I saw two others, but wasn't recording at the time.

AR 1787 & 1785 mosaic of two panels to get the whole span of the Sunspots in shot.


AR 1785 with the Earth to approximate scale


AR 1787 with the Earth to approximate scale


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I loaded a video onto Youtube with the first satellite I captured, but with the loss of quality in the upload, it is pretty much invisible. It was very faint to start with. The other two I only just missed as I was just about to start recording or had just stopped!

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Thanks. I saw the big group coming around on the NASA SOHO site I couldn't miss the opportunity to catch such a big group. I really must try to make the effort earlier in the day though, before the heat really builds up. I think that was the problem with my full disc image. In the past, I've got some very detailed full discs, but while the Sun was nice and bright for those, it wasn't as hot as it has been the last few days.

I got my white light filter last May, ready for the Venus transit, but the only transit we saw on the Sunderland seafront was a Ford version! To start with, I didn't have an IR/UV filter and initial results were poor. Since then, I didn't do a huge amount of white light solar until March this year, when I've really got into it. By then I had a filter, and it allowed the camera to capture much more detail.

This was my first effort in May 2012. I thought that this was about as I would get in white light, but have learned much more since!


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