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Luddite needs help


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Being a portage astronomer everything has to be carried. I am looking to ditch some of the weight and to this end It looks like I am being dragged kicking and screaming into whatever century we are currently in. Its my map case thats the problem it weighs about 4kg including laminated maps.

I have been reading about ways to navigate and one idea that I find interesting is an azimuth circle and digital inclinometer I believe dobs have been using them for years. To this end I have printed and laminated my circle found a way of attatching my inclinometer and now now need a computer to handle the calculations from ra to alt az. I have in the past toyed with getting a phone but ultimately the problem with phones is that people ring you if you have one.

So I thought about getting a nexus 7 tablet it does have the required gps I have a compass for calculating north. So what (app?) is required to navigate the sky and turn ra into alt /az coordinates? I notice that stellarium has this function on pc does the app have the same capability or is there something better?

Of course once I have ditched this weight it should free me up to be able to carry more eyepieces :smiley:

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People can only phone you if you give them your number. :smiley:

Then who is Dave from Delhi and Mary from Manilla? why do they keep offering me payday loans. compensation for accidents I never had and asking me to do surveys. Its bad enough getting these calls at home I do not want them whilst settling down to look for fuzzies. :lipsrsealed:
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