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M27 best ever view and image for me anyway..


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Setup about 11.30pm the sky was about 6 to 7 seeing which shocked me as there was a bright hue over the sky possiably high cloud..

Thought right lets get a decent image of M27 so carefully aligning the mount best i can without seeing Polaris i managed to get the best tracking ever from 30secs to even 1min with the CG-5 and ST102 marvelous :) .

Here's my results so Far i tried not to process so much so they look more natural..



The image above was 320x240 for binning and i streched the image to make it a little larger.

Next image was 25x20secs exp.


And finally M13 25x20 320x240


Really chuffed again with the pic's and a great nights observing.


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Thanks Ant,

The M27 images are an average of 25 to 30sec's exp and the M13 20 secs i could of done more with M13 but the core of the glob would of been whited out..

Good luck tonight Ant :)

James :)

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If you can manage 30 seconds on M13, but it starts to "white out" try lowering the gain a little and going for the slightly longer exposure. IMO this will give a nicer image because the gain is lower.

Just a thought


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