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Been spending again.......

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While you guys were topping up your tans in sunny Wales I got the buying "itch" (ie I was half cut waiting for the boxing to come on!) and ordered a O3 and a UHC filter. I'll let you know how I get on, it seems like everytime a get a few extra quid in my bank account I feel the need to spend it on Astro gear????

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... ordered a O3 and a UHC filter.  I'll let you know how I get on ...

That reminds me ...

I took several Baader filters to the SGL Star Meet with a view to testing them.  As you know, we had cloudy skies both nights! 

If you, or any other of the admin/mod team would like to borrow the following filters to review, please PM me:

Neodymium (Moon & Skyglow)

Fringe Killer

UHC-S Nebula



Steve :clouds1:

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