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Variable Polariser Filter 1.25"

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Hi everyone

I have a skywatcher 200p dob and find viewing the moon and Jupiter can be I little bit too bright, I have decided to get a Variable Polariser Filter 1.25" and was wondering if anyone could recommend one



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Those things have a lot of adjustment. However, they may degrade the views a bit. I know everyone's eyes are different but Jupiter really shouldn't be too bright. Have you tried observing it without getting dark adapted first? You may see more detail this way and you won't have problems with glare.

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The Variable Polarizing Filters from FLO are superb, Sky Watcher's I believe, well worth the money and the 1.25" comes in a superb hexagonal plastic case for protection. The 2" ones come as two separate pieces in the standard circular and very strong cases. Both great to use and good value for money: First Light Optics - Variable Polarizing Moon Filter

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